Chasing Matilda

Hey, how’s it going?  Hank the Hedgehog here.  What’s going on in your world?


Yo! Wait up, bro!

Me?  I dig this chick, Matilda.  I brought her imported mealworms and a ball thing with bells in it.

Going all out, right?  I’m moving closer for a whisker tickle and what does she say?

I’ve heard about you.

Yeah.  Then, nada.  Total silence.



Do you feel that chill too?


Chicks, man.  I’ve heard about you.  What does that even mean?



Hey, bro!  Up here.


How do I get down from here?  How did I even get up here?  When a guy’s motivated, I guess.



Stand back! Jumping down!


Nice blue blanket though. Do you think she’d trade for my pink ones?

Peace out.





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