Chewers Keepers, Human!

Human!  What now?

No.  It’s my shirt.


Hank's Shirt 1

How many shirts do you need anyway, Human?


Do I need to explain the Hangers Rule to you again?

I’m starting to have my doubts that humans have bigger brains than hedgehogs.

Pay attention:  Anything not on a hanger is mine.



Hank's Shirt 2



This one had some black in it so I tried it on for size.

I liked it so I chewed holes in it.  Chewers keepers!

Yes, Human, that’s another rule.



Hank's Shirt 3

The pen is mightier than the sword, Human.


The rules according to the International Hedgehog Association.  Look them up.

I have to get back to blogging now, Human.



Hank's Shirt 4

Definitely my color.


Besides, it looks better on me.

The SPCA that’s who!



Hank's Shirt 5

Quills up!


Jailbreak tonight.

Nothing.  I wasn’t talking to you, Human.

Peace out.



17 thoughts on “Chewers Keepers, Human!

  1. All in the name of liberty
    Got to be free….

    Everything that is left on the floor is officially declared chewable.
    There was a precedent setting case of dogs/hedgehogs v. humans a few years back.
    My dog has used this against me for years.

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    • You understand, bro! This life with the blankets and mealworms on demand is not terrible. Not really, but freedom is where it’s at! I can feel my quills getting soft, man.

      I’ll get myself a copy of that precedent. This shirt was on the bed and not the floor, but I can work with it. Humans have hangers for reasons, right?
      Ha! Your dog must still have his wolf DNA.

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  2. Wait. Hank? Is that you? Pretending to be on the humans WordPress login.
    I say order those racy hedgehog movies and metal albums quick before she finds out.
    Just in case the jailbreak plan is foiled.

    Liked by 1 person

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