Tongues Are for Licking, Human!

What?  Oh it’s you, Human.

What?  No.  I’m busy.

I’m busy with these hedgehog treats, if you must know.


Oh, it’s you again


Yes, they are hedgehog treats.  They’d make great shot glasses, come to think of it.

Why do I have to explain everything?

Everything was made for licking, Human.  That’s why tongues were invented.


Why would anyone put candles in salt, anyway?


Himalayan salt candles, what?  Nah, you need to get out more, Human.

These taste different…. Kinda like that tavern in Tijuana… oh man, what was her name?


Mmmm… all kinds of salty goodness


Hey, bro!  You made it!  Up here.  Did you bring the tequila?


Up here, man!

Peace out.


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