Chewers Keepers, Human!

Human!  What now? No.  It's my shirt.     Do I need to explain the Hangers Rule to you again? I'm starting to have my doubts that humans have bigger brains than hedgehogs. Pay attention:  Anything not on a hanger is mine. .     This one had some black in it so I tried … Continue reading Chewers Keepers, Human!


Chasing Matilda

Hey, how's it going?  Hank the Hedgehog here.  What's going on in your world? Me?  I dig this chick, Matilda.  I brought her imported mealworms and a ball thing with bells in it. Going all out, right?  I'm moving closer for a whisker tickle and what does she say? I've heard about you. Yeah.  Then, … Continue reading Chasing Matilda